ChronoSave's HighLights

With Chronosave we believe the project manager is usefull to interpret the indicators, not to make it

Easy, clear and effective clock in interface

Know in detail the work consumed is a strength. But take this data is difficult. Have a simple way to achieve it is an asset.

A simple and usable display

The interface is very fast and intuitive. You control the work to be done on each project for each resource...

Analyze a set of tasks: those of a project, or resource

For each tasks list you made, you find the same informations: consumed load, remaining load, total progress, gantt ...

Spend time to interpret the curves rather than build them

ChronoSave compiles for you all the projects fundamentals and automatically builds the essential indicators for the project managment.

Get weekly or monthly timesheets per person, per project or business.

To charge, or to pay, knowing the time spent on each project is essential

Print invoices directly at the right price

You work on part-time job or through a third application maintenance. You can justify the time consumed and billed directly from ChronoSave.

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